Rx Self Retrieval by your clients

Provide your clients with prescription retrieval when it suits them best with the ServiLocker. This automated storage and 24-hour dispensing system for Rx retrieval can be placed in the pharmacy or in off-site and remote locations. The ServiLocker is available in two different variants: single and double.

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The ServiLocker is a standalone dispensing apparatus which can be placed in various locations.

It is fully accessible and can be remotely controlled by the Pharmacist.

Reduces waiting time for patients at the pharmacy counter.

It takes about 30 seconds to retrieve their medications safely.

Prescriptions can be collected anytime, 24/7.

Extended opening hours without staff.

Automated message service.

If requested, the ServiLocker can be delivered in a "double-sided" version. This allows the machine to be placed in such a way that "retrieving prescriptions through the wall" becomes possible.

The ServiLocker reduces FTE in your pharmacy.


W 1105 mm x H 2020 mm x D 1000 mm


350 kg (unloaded)

Power supply:

CAD standard, max 3 Amps


Remote via Internet


RAL9010. Orders > 10 units any RAL code

Touch Screen:

10" touch screen, includes a PC

Storage slow for assembled prescription bag*:

Small slot - W 80 mm, H 190 mm, D 300 mm
Medium slot - W160 mm, H 190 mm, D 300 mm


The ServiLocker can easily be logo'd or branded

Total storage places in standard ServiLocker:

162 slots

Lowest position, highest position:

470 mm from the floor, 1620 mm from the floor


Sheet steel ( incl door ), 3 points - door lock with key

Loading time / dispense time:

Avg 6 sec (via access door ) / avg 30 sec

Temperature control:

Measured inside the unit by sensor

Pay terminal:

On request

Pharmacy: Scan in the Delivery Order and Load the Delivery Order into the robotically opened door. The Rxs are now secure and ready for pick up.

Patient Retrieval : Client receives a secret code from the pharmacy, enters it into the cabinet, the door opens and they take their Rxs. Any time, anywhere.