Acute Care

  • Webster system multi dose blister card


Was originally designed for use in smaller rural facilities that didn’t have access to automation. The 12 dose Webstersystem™ card is now being used for short cycle dispensing or ward stock packaging.

Maximum efficiency - The substantial reduction in medication preparation time versus traditional ward stock frees nursing personnel for other areas of patient care. The cards can be refilled when it is most convenient for pharmacy staff - improving efficiency.

Improved security - All medications are sealed in the Webstercards making it easier to maintain control of controlled substances and perform drug counts.

Eliminates contamination - The Webstersystem™ is designed to eliminate contamination while tracking drug specific information, so drugs can be returned to pharmacy if required.

Reduced error - All medications are sealed in the Webstercards to maintain strict control of medications at the pharmacy and floor levels. The simple-to-use cards ensure the correct dosage is administered, reducing errors and improving safety.

Can be used as ward stock.

Can be used as a full system of medication handling and storage with Websterfiles for storing filled medication cards.

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Controlled Drug System

Security is paramount when dealing with controlled substances, particularly in busy acute care facilities. The Manrex Controlled Drug System delivers the security you need, yet is simple to use for both nurses and pharmacists.

The Controlled Drug System improves drug security because it eliminates open bottles or vials of controlled substances, even in the pharmacy, and reduces nursing time during controlled substance counts.

Saves time during controlled substance counts for both nursing and pharmacy. Numbered blisters prominently display the remaining doses.

Cost savings due to reduction in drug loss and subsequent time spent on investigation of loss.

Improved safety because of reduction in opportunities for drug abuse.

Large labeling areas for drug specification information as well as charting.

Available in two formats:

25 Dose Heat Seal (Kits of 200 cards and blisters)
20 dose Pressure Sensitive (Kits of 200 cards and blisters)
All blisters are made from Pharmaceutical grade PVC plastic

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