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While Manrex Ltd.® was founded in Canada in 1973, it began expanding outside those borders in its provision of medication error prevention systems to health facilities and pharmacies, very early in its existence. The efficiencies and time savings our Manrex Systems offer to health care workers, combined with their cost effectiveness, have made our products popular with nurses and pharmacists around the world. We are all about promoting health by preventing error!

If your country is not listed in Manrex Worldwide and you would like additional information on either the availability of our products or sales agency opportunities, please contact John L. Webster, Vice President, Sales and Marketing.



Manrex medication delivery systems are represented in France by mulTiroir. With over 50 years of experience the mulTiroir team of professionals are ready to assist you with your manrex medication delivery system requirements.

10 Route de Brie-Comte-Robert
94520 Périgny-sur-Yerres

Tel: 01 45 10 77 90
Skype: 01 45 10 77 90
Fax: 01 45 10 15 95

Hong Kong

TCM Healthcare (London) Ltd.
Unit 705
Sun Cheong Industrial Building
1 Cheung Shun St
Cheung Sha Wan Road
Hong Kong

Tel: 00 852 2811 2766
Fax: 00 852 2579 0233
Contact Name: Timothy Chan


Manrex medication crushers and pouches are represented in the Netherlands by Medifix. Medifix is a Dutch company that strives to make the work of nurses and carers safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Nijverheidsweg 8
5071NK, Udenhout

Tel: 013-5111111
Fax: 013-5114043


Manrex medication delivery systems are represented in Portugal by Nivelfarma. Nivelfarma has serviced the needs of healthcare providers since 1996.

Campo Grande, Nº. 56 – 7º B
1700-093 Lisboa

Tel: + 351.21 949 98 70/7
Fax: + 351.21 795 74 24

Republic of Ireland

Manrex Limited® is pleased to be working with United Drug Wholesale in the Republic of Ireland to develop both the long term care and community care markets. United Drug Wholesale celebrated its seventieth anniversary of business in 2018 and continues to expand its operations in Ireland. As a company founded by pharmacists, for pharmacists and with over one-third of its shareholders pharmacists, United Drug Wholesale immediately realized the important role Manrex systems could play in helping pharmacists expand their pharmaceutical care services.

Magna Drive
Magna Business Park
Citywest Road
Dublin 24

Tel: 01 404 1550
Skype: 01 404 1550
Fax: 01 459 6917

United Kingdom

Manrex Limited® originally entered the British market with its PCI Controlled Dosage System®, known in the UK as the Monitored Dosage System, “Boots the Chemists” was so impressed with the effectiveness of the system and its positive impact on its nursing home prescription business, that they now handle the MDS System exclusively in the UK marketplace.

United States of America

Pharmacy Technology Solutions

Phone: 315-439-8922


Address: 7517 Travertine Place Manlius, NY 13104