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PCI Controlled Dosage System

The most complete medication delivery system available for long term care. The PCI Controlled Dosage System was first introduced in 1973. It is an easy to use system designed to reduce medication errors and improve efficiency in long term care facilities.  Pharmacards are designed to hold one complete dose for a specific medication pass. This system includes all the components required by nursing for storing, transporting and administering medications in long term care facilities, allowing more time for patient care.

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The PCI Controlled Dosage System is a complete medication delivery system prepared by Pharmacy for use by the nursing team.

Reduction in medication errors. The Pharmacy prepares medications for each patient into Pharmacards which are stored on Pharmafiles and organized by medication rounds. A Pharmaphoto Divider, which has space for a photo of the resident, identification tags, allergy alerts plus Nurses notes, separates each resident’s medications. These features reduce the risk of medication errors.

Simple to Use-to administer the complete and correct dose for a resident the nurse simply pushes the pill from the blister card into a medication cup.

System Efficiency and Security – Our colour coded Pharmacards correspond with our colour coded medication administration records (MAR sheets) for added security. Our Pharmacards are available in either heat seal cardboard disposable or colour coded reusable plastic. The colour coded cards allow for the various medication administration times to be clearly identified which is an added security feature: Pink for breakfast, Yellow for lunch, Orange for dinner, Blue for bedtime, White for PRN, Green for antibiotics and Purple for Controlled Drugs.

System Flexibility- Manrex, working closely with our Customers, have developed systems to meet a variety of needs. You can adapt our programs to bin systems or exchange systems. We also do custom printed cards unique to your Pharmacy or Facility.

Special accessories complete the PCI Controlled Dosage System; Pharmaphoto Dividers separate each resident’s medication and include a patient photo, identification label and space for special instructions such as allergies.

A complete range of forms and labels are available to ensuring medications are easily reordered, returned, charted or properly identified with any special instructions.

The Manrex Ultra-Glide medication cart includes plenty of space for the storage of Pharmafiles or bins depending on the system you are using. It also provides options such as double locking narcotic storage areas, chart holder for use during medication pass rounds, book basket for storage of charting binders or required books, as well as medication cup dispensers and sharps containers.