• "We purchased the RM1 Pill Counter for our small pharmacy and it is amazing how helpful it has been. Our store is a lock and leave pharmacy, so we would usually ignore advertisements for automation products, thinking that such products only made sense for much busier dispensaries. For such a small investment, the RM1 Pill Counter has made filling a prescription so much quicker, thereby allowing our technicians more opportunities to chat with customers and develop relationships. When it comes time to do inventory, we can get it done in half the time. On days when the pharmacist is working without a technician, the RM1 Pill Counter makes it very easy to fill prescriptions and still handle phone calls, visit with patients, etc.. It's a great product and I would absolutely recommend it for any size of dispensary." Thanks, Hillary Walter

    Hillary Walter    Norquay Family Pharmac
  • We started out with 6 new LTC med carts, which made staff and OHS happy. When we decided to add a lockable inside drawer for narcotics to each cart, I was impressed to find you had just exactly what we were wanting. That made the whole conversion process a lot less painful. Thanks for that. But mostly, Kristin, I would like to thank you personally for your always prompt, professional service.

    Shirley Finnigan, RN.BScN.GMC(C)    Clinical Nurse Leader Residential Care
  • Hi there, we all love the Long Term Care cart it has made everyone’s job so much easier. I highly recommend LTC carts for all facilities that use the 35 day cards. I have a few comments from Kristen Mugford one of our LPN’s, she was there the day our ‘baby’ arrived and she literally hugged it she was so happy to see it. These are her words:

    • I love it!
    • It is mobile which is great.
    • Provides accuracy.
    • User friendly.
    • Everything right where you need it.
    • So much easier to use.

    Vicki Merriam    Pharmacy Technician, Northwest Health Facility (High Level, Alberta)
  • I must submit my most positive opinion and comments regarding the new medication cart that we have recently purchased from Manrex. Due to difficulties with shoulder problems caused by the height of most medication carts, we requested a trial experience with a medication cart that was suited for our nurses. Manrex was most accommodating with this arrangement. We were able to have a reasonable length of trial period to ensure that we were making the right decision. Of course, the trial period extended a little longer than anticipated but the Manrex representative was most understanding and patient. I must commend Ben for the obliging service provided to us. The cart that we did purchase is very suited to the needs of our nurses. Medication administration is a major time consuming duty for nurses in Long Term Care. The height of the cart is so important for this repetitive task. We are very assured that this cart will provide for more comfort for the nurses and will improve their quality of care. Thank you to Manrex.

    Julie Hodgson    Care Manager
  • Yes, [the UltraGlide] arrived and it is amazing. We are very thrilled to have received it. We need to develop some protocols around dividing up our med passes now but the Professional staff think it is wonderful and of course wish it had a new mate (I will try to budget for one next year!) Thank you very much! We love it and all its wonderful features–like the side pull out table, and the new lock style.

    Joan Cody RN, Administrator-Ethics Leader    Extendicare Athabasca
  • Fraser Health (FH) Pharmacy Department purchased a Pentapack UD 600 packager earlier this year. We determined that it provides functionality that meets the needs of a large Health Region implementing a decentralized automated drug distribution system. Listed below are some of the advantages that have been realized or are being considered as a result of the purchase of this equipment.

    • FH Pharmacy has a centralized production centre which provides services for the Region packaging approximately 40,000 unit dose/day. Pentapack speed meets the high volume demands of our centralized facility.
    • Eliminates the need for individual calibration of canisters when switching brands due to contract changes or back orders. Previously we were faced with the challenge of having to package product but not having a calibrated canister. This led to delays or the use of less efficient packaging processes. The Pentapack multi-use forming plates facilitate faster transition between products and brands.
    • The packaging format provides improved protection to product avoiding accidental crushing during distribution. Experience has shown that rolling strips of UD packaging can result in damaged products being delivered to the site pharmacies.
    • The sturdy packaging maintains product integrity where recycling occurs.
    • FH has implemented automated drug cabinets (ADC) at one of its 12 acute sites and hopes to continue the implementation across the Region. The compact package produced by Pentapack allows for efficient stocking of ADCs, reducing refill frequency and reducing drawer/pocket jams associated with over stocking of bulkier packaging.
    • The flexible cutting/blister options allow packaging alternatives for narcotic, self-medication and study drugs. FH anticipates that we will be able to eliminate the need for self-medication baggies and other types of blister packaging currently used for narcotics.
    • FH Pharmacy also provides centralized distribution service to 2000 residential care clients using patient specific multi-dose packages. Purchasing the Pentapack provided us with the required capacity to complete the regional roll out of this service without compromising acute care packaging services.
    • Pentapack also provides a liquid packaging and over-pouching alternative to allow for bedside verification readiness. FH Pharmacy has not taken advantage of this functionality to date however views this as an option that can be considered when unit dose liquid packaging is increased together with bedside verification implementation.
    • Large volume packaging runs provides opportunities for contract negotiations for larger bulk bottles from pharmaceutical vendors, which also contributes to a “greener” supply chain.

    Linda Morris    Fraser Health Pharmacy Department (Langley, British Columbia)
  • I have to thank John Webster and Manrex for helping our pharmacy get into the long term medications business. Although we did a bit of this work before 1974, it was in that year that my wife and I flew to Winnipeg to see this new Controlled Dosage System. Right away we could see the merits of this system and adopted it in our pharmacy that same month. It was because of the innovation of Manrex with systems like this that allowed our pharmacy to get into long term care in a larger and more serious way. It helped give us the major share of the long term care beds in our area. Over the years there have been many other systems that have come and gone, but our pharmacy has always been loyal to Manrex. The customer service has always been great and the Manrex mandate has always been to support the pharmacist in being knowledgeable and professional in the service of nursing homes. The videos and professionally-written newsletters are other facets of great service. Manrex’s professional approach has served us well throughout the decades. So on behalf of all the past and present staff of Dyck’s (now Medicine Centre), I’d like to express my sincere thanks for all your efforts and support through the years. I wish Manrex much success in the future in working with pharmacists in Canada and around the world.

    Dennis Gerace, B.S.P.    Medicine Centre (Kelowna, British Columbia)
  • Awesome customer service! Products are really great and if ever I've had to return something, it's been dealt with, with incredible speed and efficiency.

    Melanie    Vancouver, B.C.
  • As Senior Partner in our accounting firm I understand both the value of time and return on investment.  When my spouse was struggling with medication management it caused me a great deal of worry, frustration and was incredibly time consuming.  It was stressful organizing medications and following up to ensure they had been taken in the right amounts at the right time. Once we introduced The Carousel from Manrex the reduction of time to manage medications and more importantly the reduction in medication errors was remarkable.  The ease of use combined with the alarm ensures my loved one is taking her medications in a proper and timely fashion. I particularly like the alarm. My stress reduction and peace of mind knowing my spouse is taking her medication properly is worth many times the small investment. As such I strongly recommend the Carousel to anyone with family members struggling to manage their medications.

    Joel Lazer, CPA, CA, CIRP    
  • Both cold and hot seal blisters from Manrex are very reliable, easy to handle and patients love it. We have had our hot seal machine for over a year now and it works like charm, no complaints at all. The hot seal machine is really a money saver.

    Cecille Chui    Pharmacy Manager Super Grocer and Pharmacy (Richmond, BC)
  • The Group Health Centre Pharmacy has been using the Manrex Pill Pak system for a number of years. It works very well for our customers to ensure their compliance and reduce medication errors. Many of our customers are elderly and live alone. The Pill Pak system helps them remain independent, as the instructions on the package are very clear and they know at a glance that they have the right medications for the right time. For the pharmacy staff, the packages are very easy to fill and seal.

    Sarah White    Group Health Centre Pharmacy (Sault Ste. Marie, ON)
  • We have recently, about five months ago, converted to Heat Seal compliance packaging. My accolades to the company for introducing this. We have now eliminated completely the breakdown of packaging - are converting to Tri Fold to eliminate stapling - and all of which is at a cost saving. Really - This is a No Brainer!

    Don Bick    Bick's Drugs (Kerrobert, SK)
  • The Pre-Paid shipping for orders of 5 Pill Pak kits that Manrex offers is fantastic for our Pharmacy, we see a significant savings on freight costs, and we always have enough stock on hand, and because it is only 5 boxes the storage space is not an issue.

    Nickey    Healthcare Pharmacy