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Pouch Porter System

The secure, organized, easy to use cellophane dispensing system.

One of the latest innovations for packaging medications for long term care and assisted living facilities is the multidose cellophane pouch. These cellophane pouches are produced by automated packaging machines and contain all the medications a patient needs for a single dosing time. The resulting cellophane pouches are secure, tamper-evident and fully identified for both patient and medication information with extensive labeling on each individual package. Although these multi-dose packages can be beneficial to the nurses, they are only effective when coupled with an efficient storage and monitoring system. Manrex has developed such a system in the form of our new Pouch Porter, providing a secure, organized, easy to use storage system which will save nursing time when administering medications.

Pouch Porter is a unique, patient specific medication transport unit suitable to a wide variety of medication delivery styles.

Protected by a clear plastic lid, is the patient identification card, which includes; a patient photo, patient name, room number and allergy alerts. This patient specific information is immediately visible to the nurse when the medication cart drawer is opened.

On the inside of the lid is the auxiliary instruction label with an adhesive area, where the pharmacist can identify other medications or care related activities the nurse must perform.

A complete storage and delivery system
Ultra-Glide Medication Carts Designed to Store Your Pouch Porters

The Ultra-Glide medication cart can be configured with a combination of 5-inch and 10-inch drawers depending upon the number of patients being cared for. Each five-inch drawer will accept two transport bins, containing five individual pouch porters, for a total of ten patients per drawer.

With our wide variety of sizes and styles, an Ultra-Glide med cart can be developed to handle ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or sixty patients.

We are confident the Pouch Porter will meet your transport and storage needs when used with your cellophane pouch system and we look forward to providing them to your facility.


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The Pouch Porter box can be configured to accept the style of distribution the facility is using for their cellophane pouches. If they choose to use them fan-folded, a supply of several days of medication pouches are simply placed in the box and the nurse selects the pouches as needed.

If the facility is configured for single pouch, time of administration system, the Pouch Porter is configured into medication administration times using the dividers; breakfast, lunch, evening and bed-time.

If the facility wants to use the cellophane pouches in a continuous roll, the Pouch Porter provides an axle to wrap the pouches around for smooth removal. An inner lid holds the roll in the storage compartment, while a built-in clip on the top of the lid, holds the pouches in place prior to administration. This also leaves a space for PRN medications.

This flexibility makes the Pouch Porter your ideal choice for storing medications packaged in cellophane pouches, or other forms of medication storage, such as Rx vials.

Manrex has also developed a special transport bin, to hold five Pouch Porters. Two of these transport bins will fit inside a five-inch drawer in our medication cart. There is also a lid for securing the contents of the bin during transport. This lid can be secured with plastic tabs to provide tamper evidence while being transported between the pharmacy and the facility, or, between the pharmacy and the patient wards.