Pill Crusher CalmPress - Manrex Manufactured in Canada


calmpress medicaiton crusher by Manrex Ltd.

Manual Pill/Tablet Crusher

CalmPress pill crusher is a silent and effective manual pill crushing system designed for long-term care facilities, pharmacies, hospitals, correctional institutions or anywhere crushing is done on a frequent basis. CalmPress delivers close to double the crushing power of comparable products and that means less work for you. The large easy to grip ergonomic handle reduces stress related injuries to the hands and wrists.  CalmPress saves time, and eliminates the problem of cross-contamination through the use of medication pouches, and crushes pills to a fine powder.

Unlike many competitors the smooth paddle of the Calm Press prevents the tearing of pouches, and will reduce the need for cleaning because less pouches break when using the Calm Press tablet crusher.

Calm Press is a Canadian pill crusher, manufactured and designed in Canada the CalmPress leads the way for North American made crushers. Shortages from overseas do not apply to this tablet crusher and can be shipped within a couple of days.

Join 1000’s of nurses using the CalmPress tablet crusher. From pills to powder in 3 fast and easy steps.

If  manual crushing isn’t good enough for your facility? No worries we can speed that process up and further reduce the risk of injury try our battery operated  Powdercrush pill/tablet crusher. One of Canada’s leading  pill crushers since 2007



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Lightweight and portable

Optional lifetime warranty

Used in conjunction with the disposable Manrex medication pouches to eliminate cross-contamination.

Designed with ergonomics in mind

Back of the CalmPress has a slot to store med pouches while on the med pass


10cm (3.94 in)


25.4 cm (10 in)


10cm (3.94 in)


2.2 kg (4.85 lbs)

Place your meds in the Manrex disposable medication pouch, lift the handle and insert the pouch into Calm-Press crushing slot.

Press down on handle to crush pills starting at the bottom of the pouch. Gradually lower the pouch into the crusher as you work the handle up and down.

Remove pouch or repeat if a finer crush is required.