Cling Leap

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The LEAP Is A Full Featured Wearable Medication Alert & Inventory Tracking Device

The Leap is the industry leader in assisting with daily prescription medication compliance. Once the wearer’s med regimen is entered in the mobile App (iOS or Android) the wearer receives a vibration alert and the screen alerts the user to take their meds. The medication inventory is adjusted when the user clicks taken on the smart watch and this is all tracked in real time.



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Automatic prescription refill emails sent to your pharmacy of choice

Medication noncompliance alerts automatically sent to your designated caregivers

Optional sharing of health data and medication compliance with your designated caregivers

Blood pressure fluctuation monitor

Heart rate monitor

Attention Alert email generation

An always on colour screen

20 day battery life (fewer with GPS turned on)

Sleep cycle tracking and analysis

Count your steps

Customized sedentary alerts

Track your calories burned

Built-in GPS (no need to carry your mobile device)

Share information with other MedTech device wearers

Create teams within the app for communication or friendly competition